Timber Blinds Central Coast

Experience the Natural Warmth of Real Timber

From the Great Outdoors to Your Home

A Timeless Classic Material

Timber venetian blinds bring a sense of natural beauty and charm into any home. Their appearance will never go out of style and the material is versatile enough to complement any modern, classic or traditional décor style. Since wood is a natural insulator, the timber forms a natural insulation barrier between your window and the room. As a result, your home will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter, without the need to run costly appliances.

In addition to this, our timber blinds on the Central Coast can be personalised to suit every individual, available in a range of natural timbers or composite materials they can be stained or painted in a range of stylish colours. This way, you get to achieve a higher level of light and privacy control and enhance the look of your room too.

Natural beauty in your home

Creating a distinct look that cannot be replicated

Sustainably sourced from real timber, our timber blinds bring you a slice of the great outdoors in the comfort of home. Their golden brown hues add a touch of warmth and character to any room. And the distinct grooves in the woodgrain enhance their visual appeal. Wherever you choose to install these blinds, their style and grace will surely impress.

Most importantly, the timber is specially treated to resist all weather. Be it rain, hail or shine, the timber will not rust, warp or rot. This is made possible thanks to the ingenious weatherproofing. As a result, your timber blinds will last for years and maintain their good looks for ages.

Timber Blinds
Timber Blinds

Ultimate Light and Privacy Control

For Your Maximum Enjoyment

Timber blinds put the power in your hands. You can adjust the louvres to determine the desired amount of sunlight and airflow. And, you can raise the entire set of louvres to reveal the glorious view outside. This can be achieved with a manual wand or cord, or an in-built electronic motor system.No longer do you need to swelter in the summer. With a set of timber blinds in the Central Coast, you can block out the sun and keep the temperature at a reasonable level all year round. And you will enjoy great savings on your energy bills too!

Enhance Your Home and Lifestyle With Timber Blinds

Timber Blinds
Timber Blinds Central Coast

Tailor Made For You

Express Your Unique Style

Timber is far more versatile than you think. Wood is a naturally occurring material that comes in a range of colours, tones and woodgrain patterns. You can also customise the width of the louvres, which allows for more or less gaps between the slats. This means you have greater control over the amount of sunlight and privacy you desire.

If you’re not sure where to start, talk to one of our friendly local consultants. They will be happy to assess your current space, perform measurements, and give you an honest price estimate. Plus, they will help you personalise the look of your Central Coast timber blinds, until you love the end result.

Real Natural Timber

Enhance the look and feel of your home with real authentic timber. It looks great, is easy to care for, and lasts for ages. You will be impressed.

Made to Last

Natural timber is incredibly strong. The added layer of weatherproofing also means the timber will not warp, rot or deteriorate. Your investment will last.

Superior Protection

From the harsh elements including sunlight, glare and UV rays. Your home will be more comfortable and liveable all year round.


Book an in-house consultation with a timber blinds expert in the Central Coast. They will help you make an informed choice, and give you an honest quote.

Great Energy Savings

As a natural insulator, the timber blinds can help block out the sun in summer and retain warmth in winter. As a result, you spend less money on running costly appliances.

Professional Installation

Get your timber blinds in the Central Coast set up properly the first time. Sit back, relax, and let the Allcoast Blinds and Shutters team do the hard work for you.

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