Can Plantation Shutters Be Installed On Any Window?

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Can Plantation Shutters Be Installed On Any Window?

To quickly answer your question: Yes! Plantation shutters are extremely versatile so they can be installed on most windows with ease.

Of course, just like any new addition, there are a number of ways you can implement plantation shutters into your home. Fortunately, they come in a range of sizes, styles, materials and configurations to suit your needs. Plus, they can be mounted inside or outside, depending on the current setup of your windows.

Let’s take a closer look at what to consider when installing plantation shutters for your windows.

Inside and outside mounting

Plantation shutters can be mounted inside or outside. What’s the difference?

As the name implies, inside mounting is when you mount the shutters to the inside of the window. This option is ideal if your window already has a decorative moulding. Inside mounting is also less obstructive and a bit cheaper.

If, however, your window does not have a decorative mould on the inside, then it’s generally advised you mount the shutters outside. These types of mounts have special built-in moulding to help establish a clean, finished look.

Another factor to keep in mind is the size of your recess (the space between the window surface and the wall).

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Types of framing

Both inside and outside mounted shutters have different types of frames.

Most inside mounts are installed on either an L frame or hinge. Both types of frames attach directly to the decorative mould. The L frame is often made out of wood, while the hinge is composed of durable stainless steel.

The three most common types of outside mount frames are: Simple L, Decorative L and Z frame.

Both the simple and decorative L frame has built-in moulding, which is attached to the exterior wall. The decorative L frame has enhanced grooves along the surface for a more stylish appearance. Meanwhile, the Z frame has a slight overlap on the corners of the window opening.

To help you decide which frame is right for you, you can either share a photo of the existing window with your installer or request an in-person consultation. They will give you the advice and support you need to make the right choice.

Louvre Sizes

Louvres are the individual slats that sit on both sides of the shutter panel itself. They can be manually adjusted to control the amount and direction of sunlight. You can also open or close them based on the amount of privacy you desire.

Naturally, louvres come in a range of sizes and styles to suit different scenarios. Large louvres generally suit large windows, as the wider gap between each slat provides more sunlight and better views. Therefore, smaller louvres are ideal for smaller windows, as the thin slats do not ‘overwhelm’ the window.

There may be exceptions to this rule depending on the style and location of your window.

Frame Configurations

Plantation shutters can be installed on any window in a few different ways.

Full plantation shutters cover the entire window and open as one panel. Café shutters only cover the bottom half of the window, leaving the top exposed for a clear view. Double hung shutters are comprised of two separate shutters on the top and bottom of a window, which can be opened and closed individually.

You can also install dividing rails to achieve an effect similar to double hung shutters.

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