Retractable Roof Systems

Enjoy the Ultimate Alfresco Lifestyle

A Better Way to Spend Time Outdoors

Open Up Your World

A retractable roof system puts the power in your hands, literally. With either a manual or motorised option, you can close the roof to avoid the elements, or open it to reveal the beautiful sky above; letting you enjoy an abundance of glowing sunlight, the cool refreshing air, and a more vibrant social atmosphere.

Sound like paradise? At Allcoast Blinds and Shutters, making your dream space a reality is our passion. By providing you with a retractable roof system in the Central Coast that fits your needs, budget and lifestyle, you will enjoy a roof system that both looks and performs brilliantly, giving you year-round weather protection – while boosting the resale value of your property.

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Year-Round Weather Protection

Rain. Hail. Shine – No Dramas

Outdoor living is a proud Aussie tradition. But, until now, fighting with the elements has been a lost cause. With a retractable roof system, you can enjoy the great outdoors any time of day, all year round, in a way that suits your lifestyle. You no longer have to plan in advance for weather, or call it a day during an important event. Just close or open the roof to suit your circumstances. Too easy!

Aside from being super convenient, our retractable roofs are super strong. That’s because they’re made from high quality materials and built with superior craftsmanship. These powerhouses can withstand high wind speeds, and they feature an in-built waterproof membrane to prevent moisture build-up.

Retractable Roof Systems

Easily Customisable

Various Designs and Configurations

Available in your choice of profiles – including flat, pitched, or slanted – and manual or motorised options (wind up cord or remote control), you’re bound to get a retractable roof system that blends in with your outdoor space, while being very easy to use and super versatile.

You’ll love the look of your new retractable roof system, and so will your friends, family and customers! They’ll be impressed by the soft, elegant fabric, seamless operation and modern appearance. Plus, if you plan on selling any time soon, these shade solutions will help you stand out on the property market.

Enhance your property. Enhance your way of life.

Retractable Roof Systems
Retractable Roof Systems

Quality Materials

Made to Last

When it comes to enhancing your outdoor space, you want a shade solution that will last countless seasons. That’s exactly where our retractable roof systems come in. They’re made from quality UV-rated fabrics and steel components, which not only provide excellent weather protection but are also resistant to rust, corrosion, fading, bacteria, and warping from UV exposure. Rest assured, your valuable investment will last many, many years to come.

Proudly made in Australia, your retractable roof system in the Central Coast is built to comply with the highest standards. And, if you need plans or permits, the Allcoast Blinds and Shutters Team will gladly take care of this for you, saving you time and hassle.

Lifestyle Control

Open and close your roof to achieve the desired amount of sunlight, airflow, and protection from the elements – including rain, hail and UV exposure.

Hardwearing Performance

Made with premium quality materials and superior workmanship, your retractable roof system will withstand tough weather and look great with minimal maintenance.

Better Time Outdoors

Entertain, socialise, and relax in any weather. A retractable roof system adds a dramatic statement that immediately draws a crowd, thanks to its style and luxurious comfort.

Personalised for You

Regardless of your style or décor features, our retractable roof systems in the Central Coast can be personalised to match your unique style, and complement your outdoor space.

Easy to Maintain

Our friendly team will give you expert tips on how to get the most out of your retractable roof system, ensuring your roof lasts a lifetime.

Easy to Use

Use the handy remote control or manual system to set the perfect mood, day or night. No complex wires to deal with.

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