Panel Blinds Central Coast

Unparalleled Style and Seamless Operation

Modern Elegant Panel Blinds

Open Up a World of Possibilities

Liven up your living space with our range of stylish, practical and versatile panel blinds in the Central Coast. As a great alternative to traditional vertical blinds, our panel blinds are easy to use and create a dramatic look in any room of the house. Comprised of 3 to 9 fabric panels, which are linked together on a smooth and quiet tracking system, this gives you the freedom to glide the panels from left to right, so that you can determine exactly how much light enters the room.To express your unique style, you can choose from a range of stylish colours, which have been specially curated to blend in with any architectural style. Talk to us today about supplying and installing the perfect panel blinds for your home.

Easy to Use

Smooth, Quiet and Seamless

Panel blinds are very easy to operate. All you need to do is pull the provided cord or twist the wand. Both of these control mechanisms are placed in a discreet, yet easily accessible, spot next to the blinds. You can make it so the panels open from right to left, left to right, or to meet together in the centre. The tracking system makes virtually no noise as the panels glide across.

Aside from being simple to use, the tracking system is versatile, allowing for up to 3 to 5 panels. The panels and tracking system can be installed into the recess of a large window reveal, or mounted onto the wall. This makes them ideal for large windows, sliding doors and dividing rooms.

Panel Blinds NSW
Panel Blinds NSW

Tailor Made for You

Suitable for Any Room and Décor Style

Our Central Coast panel blinds come in an impressive range of colours, styles and configurations. You can lift the appearance of any room with a bright, upbeat and colourful tone. Or you can add a touch of class and elegance with a more subtle tone. The choice is yours! If you’re not sure which style and colour is right for you, our friendly local consultants will help you choose a combination that reflects your personal taste, décor style and budget.

Whether you wish to install for a large window, sliding door, or for the purpose of dividing a large room, we can provide a custom solution that meets your unique requirements.

Let us help you express your unique style.

Panel Blinds Central Coast
Panel Blinds Central Coast

Made for the Aussie Climate

Built to Last Through all Seasons

Proudly made in Australia, our panel blind fabrics are designed to resist our harsh, unpredictable climate. You can choose from either blackout, translucent or sunscreen fabric. All of which are designed to provide varying degrees of sun and UV protection, without compromising on style or privacy. Plus, each type of fabric is specially treated to resist mould, mildew, fading and discolouring, so your blinds will stay fresh and hygienic with minimal maintenance required.

In addition to this, the glide and tracking systems are made from incredibly sturdy materials. They will not become warped, distorted or misaligned, even if they are exposed to harsh conditions like extreme heat and humidity. You will have peace of mind knowing your panel blinds in the Central Coast will last.

Easy to Use

Fabric panel blinds are easy to use and they glide seamlessly from one side to the other, giving you the freedom to control the amount of sunlight and privacy.

Built to Last

Available in blackout, translucent and sunscreen fabric, your panel blinds with withstand the harsh elements and look great for a long time.

Super Stylish

The unique folding mechanism of panel blinds makes them visually stunning. They create a dramatic statement in any room and suit any décor style.

Very Customisable

Panel blinds can open left to right, right to left, or even span outwards from the centre. This gives you the freedom to set up the blinds in a way that suits your unique room.

Reduced Energy Costs

With the ability to reduce heat transfer, panel blinds can make your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter, so you don’t have to use heating and cooling devices as often.

Enhanced Property Value

Panel blinds are a stylish and elegant way to boost the value of your property. They provide excellent light and privacy control, which is very appealing to potential buyers.

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