Roman Blinds Central Coast

Light and Privacy Control at Your Fingertips

Exquisite Gorgeous Roman Blinds

Stylish, Durable and Timeless

Block out the sun and enjoy total privacy with quality roman blinds on the Central Coast. Made from soft and resilient fabric, the material is specially designed to reduce heat transfer and glare, helping you stay more comfortable indoors. With the simple manual cord system, you can easily raise and lower the blinds to your hearts content, letting you achieve the perfect balance of natural light and privacy. The cord is designed to be concealed and will never tangle.

Available in a range of designs and fabrics, including blackout, translucent and sunscreen, you have the freedom to just a style that looks good to you and helps you achieve the right level of climate control.

Distinct Foldable Action

Easy to use

When you raise your roman blinds for the first time, you will enjoy a magnificent sight. The fabric will gradually fold into itself, neatly stacking on top of each other, forming a precise set of cushy layers. When fully raised, the fabric will be neatly tucked all the way to the top, so as to provide a clear view of the scenery. Of course, using the handy manual cord, you can just as easily lower the blinds in seconds.

Aside from being visually stunning, the transition is smooth and seamless. You can enjoy the benefits of complete sun and UV protection any time of the day. This also helps reduce visual glare that is often present on TV’s, laptops and desktop computers.

Roman Blinds Central Coast
Roman Blinds Central Coast

Express Your Unique Style

Match With Any Room in Your Home

Since roman blinds are primarily made from fabric, they are very easy to customise. At Allcoast Blinds and Shutters, you can choose from a select range of creative and functional designs, colours and materials. These have been specially chosen to match any classic, contemporary and traditional style of home. You will have no problem finding a unique combination that reflects your personal taste.

To enhance the look of your Central Coast roman blinds, you can also pair them up with curtains. This gives you the freedom to create an even more dramatic effect. It can also give you an even higher level of sun, privacy and climate control.

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Roman Blinds Central Coast
Roman Blinds Central Coast

Made to Last

Superior Performance in All Climates

Our roman blinds are proudly Australian made. This means they will resist anything the Aussie climate throws at them. They will not rot, warp, crumple or deteriorate. Even when exposed to extreme heat and UV rays, they will continue to look and perform as if brand new. This benefit also extends to the manual cord system, which is strong and highly durable.

To keep your roman blinds in great shape, we recommend a quick dust and vacuum every few months. A more thorough clean with fresh water and mild detergent every six months is also ideal. You will be impressed at just how easy they are to maintain. No need to lose countless hours on the weekend.

Unique Style

Roman blinds look and feel like no other set of blinds. The unique folding action is a visual delight, and the gentle fabric can soften up any room.

Sun and Privacy Control

Block out the sun and enjoy the highest level of privacy. Use the manual cord to adjust the amount of natural light and scenery you want.

Design Consultation

Allcoast Blinds and Shutters will help you choose a beautiful custom design that reflects your personal taste, budget and lifestyle.

Timeless Appeal

Central Coast roman blinds will always be in style. They have stood the test of time for centuries. You will be proud of making such a wise investment.

Reduced Energy Costs

Blackout blinds can help you reduce heat transfer and the transmission of UV rays. This means you spend less on costly heating and cooling devices.

Quality Materials

Proudly Australian made, our roman blinds are designed to shake off the elements and maintain their good looks for the long term.

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