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A Classic Staple Reborn

Vertical Blinds for All Styles

Stylish, Attractive and Practical

Vertical blinds are a classic staple of the Australian home. They’re easy to use, easy to clean and versatile enough to suit any style of property. With the twist of a manual cord, you can adjust the louvres to allow for more sunlight and airflow. Or, you can move the louvres aside to reveal the glorious view outside. Available in a range of styles, colours and fabrics, you’re bound to find a configuration that matches your home.

Whatever type of window you wish to enhance – be it a single, double, bi-folding or bay window – vertical blinds in the Central Coast can fit most windows. Rest assured, your order will be made to measure and fit your exact budget.

Traditional style. Modern touches.

Reborn for the Contemporary Homeowner

Bring any room into the 21st century with a set of brand new vertical blinds. Our blinds are made from high quality fabric, which is resistant to mould, bacteria and warping. The fabric is made to last in the harsh Australian climate. To stay fresh, all they need is a routine wash once every 6 months or so.

Want to lift the brightness of a room? Establish a more elegant, mature theme? Whatever your personal taste or style, you’re bound to find the perfect match. The wide range of styles and colours gives you the freedom to express your unique character, adding great value to your investment too.

Vertical Blinds
Vertical Blinds


Seamless Integration With Your Home

Your vertical blinds in the Central Coast are made to order. They can be installed to slide left or right. You can even install two sets of vertical blinds on each side of one another, where they meet together in the centre. The louvres come in a wide range of widths to suit your preferences. All vertical blinds come with a strong manual chain. Optional weights can be sown to the bottom of each louvre, which helps them stay in place when exposed to high wind.

By taking the time to understand the unique specifications of your home, Allcoast Blinds and Shutters will help you make an informed choice.

Your vertical blinds. Your way.

Vertical Blinds Central Coast
Vertical Blinds Central Coast

Easy to Use and Maintain

For Your Convenience

Vertical blinds are incredibly easy to use. Simply use the manual cord to adjust the louvres, and slide the blinds left, right or centre. So you can adjust the amount of sunlight and airflow in mere seconds. There are no complex wires or cables to get bunched up. Everything is held together nicely for a uniform look.

Maintenance is very simple. A routine dusting and vacuum will help keep off dust. While a gentle machine or hand wash will keep the fabric soft, pleasant and fragrant. You only need to do this once or twice per year. Plus, your friendly local consultant will be happy to share their expert tips, so that you get the most out of your investment.

Timeless Style

The clean vertical times is a timeless staple for many Australian homes. They will always be in style, regardless of the seasonal trends.

Save Energy Costs

By absorbing heat from the sun, vertical blinds can keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter, while reducing the need to use costly heating/cooling devices.

Great Service

At Allcoast Blinds and Shutters, we’re with you every step of the way, from quote to completion.

Stay Comfortable Indoors

When fully closed, vertical blinds provide excellent protection from the sun, while giving you a high level of privacy.

Free measure and quote

Request a free in-house consultation with a vertical blinds expert in the Central Coast. You’ll get all the advice and support you need to order with confidence.


Whether you have standard or unusual windows, you will receive a custom solution that fits your needs and budget.

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