Outdoor Blinds Central Coast

The Ultimate Form of Sun Protection


Retractable outdoor blinds for privacy and sun protection.
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Cafe Awnings

Extendable shades for outdoor seating areas at cafes.
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Window Awnings

Shades for windows to block sun and rain.
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Folding Arm Awnings

Retractable awnings for outdoor spaces with no posts.
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Make Your Home More Comfortable

Reduced Heat Transfer

Outdoor blinds are one of the most effective ways to extend your entertaining area by bringing your outdoor space inside, Outdoor blinds also reduce glare and heat transfer giving you a high level of privacy. They provide an excellent layer of protection for any outdoor space including patios, pergolas, swimming pools and alfresco dining spaces, to name a few. You can easily retract them manually or go for our popular motorised option which can be integrated into your home automation including a phone app and google play.

At Allcoast Blinds and Shutters, we supply and install a wide range of stylish and practical outdoor blinds in the Central Coast. Our blinds are very use to use, come in a huge range of designs, and they are suitable for any outdoor or indoor space. Talk to us today about your renovation ideas, and we’ll bring your vision to life.

Transform Your Outdoor Space

Create the Ultimate Outdoor Paradise

Outdoor blinds provide a high level of separation between you and the elements. This helps make your outdoor enclosure feel more safe, secure and comfortable. You and your guests will be able to enjoy the great outdoors without being exposed to the sun, rainfall or wind. As a result, you will have a more vibrant social life, and a greater appreciation of the outdoors.

Regardless of the shape and layout of your space, our expert team can provide a custom solution for you. They will carry out an onsite assessment, perform measurements, and give you an honest quote for the entire project. Rest assured, your outdoor blinds in the Central Coast will meet your exact needs.

Outdoor Blinds Central Coast
Outdoor Blinds Central Coast NSW

Tailor Made For You

Impressive Range of Solutions

You can choose from a wide range of outdoor blinds to suit your needs. These include awnings and verandah blinds through to patio blinds and café curtains. Our verandah blinds are made from high quality fabric, which is designed to minimise glare and heat transfer while giving you more privacy. Meanwhile, our awnings can be installed on most types of windows, so as to make the indoor space cooler and more comfortable in summer.

On top of this, you can request a clear or tinted PVC plastic screen to surround the perimeter of your outdoor space. These blinds form a secure barrier between you and the elements without impacting the view.

All of our work is guaranteed.

Outdoor Blinds
Outdoor Blinds Central Coast

Built to last

Proudly Australian Made

Our outdoor blinds are proudly made in Australia. They are specially designed to resist our often harsh and unpredictable climate. The fabrics are treated to be fast-drying and resistant to mould, mildew and bacteria. While the extra components, like the manual winders, pullies and other features, are made from strong and sturdy materials, and they are treated to resist rust and corrosion. Rest assured, your investment will bring you many years of joy and comfort.

Aside from being reliable and durable, our blinds also meet all relevant Australian Standards. We go through numerous steps during the quality assurance phase, making sure they are fit for purpose and safe to use. So you can relax knowing your blinds will be set up right the first time.

Better Outdoor Living

After you upgrade to new outdoor blinds, you will find any excuse to spend more time in the great outdoors. You’ll discover a newfound sense of appreciation for outdoor living.

Superior Protection

Block out the harsh elements to keep your indoor or outdoor space more relaxing, enjoyable and comfortable all year round.

Long Lifespan

Our Central Coast outdoor blinds are made to last. They will maintain their good looks and work like brand new for the long term. Your investment will be incredibly worthwhile.

Easy to Use

Available in manual and motorised options, adjusting your outdoor blinds is incredibly easy. It only takes a moment to set the perfect scene in your living space.

Place Anywhere

Outdoor blinds can be set up in a range of indoor and outdoor spaces such as patios, pergolas, decking, swimming pools and more.

Diverse Range

Choose from an impressive range of designs, colours and configurations. We can help you personalise the look and feel of your blinds, until you love what you see.

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