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A Practical and Reliable Shade Solution

Helping You Stay Comfortable All Year Round

Roller blinds are a practical and affordable way to block out the sun and keep your house cooler in summer. They are very easy to use, come in a range of fabrics and colours, and they can fit most windows and sliding doors. At Allcoast Blinds and Shutters, our range of roller blinds are available in blackout, translucent and sunscreen fabrics, which gives you varying degrees of sunlight and privacy control. We also offer a range of stylish colours designed to enhance the look and feel of any room in the house.

Aside from being very stylish and versatile, our Central Coast roller blinds are incredibly versatile, you can manually control your blinds or have them motorised with either Battery or mains power, either way you can also have them linked to your home automation and smart phone meaning you can control your blinds from anywhere giving you added peace of mind and security. Our experienced team will make sure your brand new roller blinds meet your exact needs.

Seamless Integration

Suitable for Any room

Renowned for their versatility, modern roller blinds add a touch of class and elegance to any room. You have the freedom to install them onto most types of windows. These include single and double through to bi-folding, bay and casement windows. You can even install them outside, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors, at any time of day, without having to face the harsh sun.

Before any work begins, you can book a free measure and quote. On a suitable day and time, a friendly local consultant will visit you. They will measure the space, help you choose the perfect design, and give you an honest quote. There is no cost or obligation.

Roller Blinds Central Coast
Roller Blinds Central Coast
Roller Blinds Central Coast

Day Night Roller Blinds

Smart and Elegant, Day Night roller blinds have revolutionised the industry and are one of our most popular window furnishings today.

Versatile, Durable and easy to use, the day Night Roller Blind is available in a large range of fabrics and colours and can also be motorised either hard wired or battery operated and is also compatible with home automation including Alexa and Google Assistant.

See our motorisation page for more details.

Automate® Pulse2

Designed in California and made to be seen, the second generation of the Pulse hub allows for further customisation with the introduction of additional scenes and timers.

The new hub boasts native sunset and sunrise technology. Shades will raise or lower based on location to allow precise and automatic shade control.

With built-in Wi-Fi or the option of a LAN connection, the Pulse2 quickly connects to the home’s network to unlock the luxury of automated shade control.

Automate Pulse2 offers more integrations than ever before. Experience voice-activated shade control via Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and now Apple Homekit with Siri.

Automate app

Automate app

The Automate Pulse2 App enables sophisticated shade control straight from any iOS or Android smart phone or tablet.

Utilise the Automate Pulse2 App to group shades by room or scene, establish custom schedules and set timers for convenient and efficient shade control.

Automate Wire-free
li-on zero motors

The new lithium-ion battery motors boast a patented “wire-free” design with the antenna cable concealed within the motor head and micro-USB port for charging.

Additionally, the motors feature new ‘soft close’ and ‘battery check’ technology. With the press of a button the motor moves the shade down to signify the battery percentage level, while ‘soft close’ ensures an elegant and quiet finish at the end of the shade’s movement.

Automate Wire-Free Li-ion Zero allows for proficient installation within residential homes and small commercial projects, with no electrical wiring required and the ability to be retrofit into existing Rollease Acmeda systems*.

*Retrofit capability only possible with RB07, RB08 and RB09 systems

Easy to Customise

Huge Range of Fabrics and Colours

Express your unique taste with a wide range of fabrics, colours and configurations. Want to inject some life and personality with a few bright colours? Install a blackout screen to make your child’s room safer and more comfortable? Whatever you desire, our custom roller blinds in the Central Coast can enhance your home and lifestyle in many ways.

If you’re not sure where to start, our friendly consultants can help. They can assess the design and layout of your existing space. They will recommend the best combination of fabrics and colours, until you absolutely love the final result.

Discover your unique style with a free consult

Roller Blinds
Roller Blinds

Make Your Home Look Great

Contemporary, Traditional and Modern Styles

In the Central Coast, roller blinds are a versatile shade solution. Whether you live in a classic, contemporary or traditional home, their sleek, minimal appearance helps them blend in with any room and property. Better still, the manual and electronic control systems are kept out of sight, yet still accessible, which helps give the room a clean appearance.

Best of all? It doesn’t matter what size or type of windows you have. We can provide a set of custom roller blinds that will fit your unique frame. In addition to this, you can even pair up your roller blinds with curtains, giving you an even higher level of sun protection and privacy.

Light and Privacy Control

Simply roll down the blinds to block out the sun and enjoy total privacy. We offer a range of fabrics to help you achieve just the right amount of sunlight and privacy.


Whether you wish to install these blinds on a large window or sliding door, they are versatile enough to suit most types of frames.

Easy to Use

Use either a remote control or manual cord to operate the roller blinds. All control systems are placed next to the blinds, making them concealed yet still accessible.

Incredibly Stylish

Traditional roller blinds offer a timeless and classic look that works in any room or property. You will be hard-pressed to find a more versatile shade solution.

Save Energy Costs

Roller blinds give you an extra layer of protection from the sun, helping you stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Built to Last

Our Central Coast roller blinds are designed to resist the harsh Australian climate. They are specially treated to prevent mould, bacteria, fading and discolouration.

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