What Type of Blinds Are in Style in 2020?

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What type of blinds are in style 2020

Everybody knows that blinds are a long-term investment. Unlike smartphones or laptops, they’re not the kind of product you upgrade every couple of years. For this reason, trends stick around for a long time.

This is great news for those on the market for new window blinds. It means that whatever you buy in the near-future is bound to stand the test of time. Of course, it helps to know what type of window blinds are in style during 2020, so that you can make an informed decision.

That’s exactly what this article is going to answer for you. Read on, and get the lowdown on the latest on-trend styles that are popular today.

Timber and Aluminium Venetian Blinds

While the design of venetian blinds have stayed relatively the same, over time, the type of materials being used has advanced.

The two most popular materials are timber and aluminium. Both of which are highly resilient to extreme weather, such as humidity and prolonged sun exposure. This makes them a popular addition to bathrooms and laundry rooms.

You can also stain and paint venetian blinds in a creative finish that suits your interior décor. Better still, venetian blinds are easy to clean, so you can maintain their pristine look with minimal effort.

Best of all? Timber is a natural insulator. So, if you’re looking to reduce your energy bills, timber venetian blinds will naturally insulate your home, thus reducing heat transfer and glare.

For free advice on what types of blinds are in style for 2020, contact Allcoast Blinds and Shutters today on 1300 899 306.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a timeless and traditional style of window covering. They operate in a similar way to conventional roller blinds. That is, by using either a wind up cord or chain, you can raise the entire fabric sheet in order to let in the natural sunlight and reveal a glorious view.

However, there is a notable difference with roman blinds. Unlike roller blinds, which roll up at the top of very top, roman blinds are pleated in such a way the fabric stacks on top of each other as you raise them. As a result, when completely raised, a neat pile of fabric nestles on top. In fact, watching this movement in action is quite a sight to behold!

Just like roller blinds, roman counterparts come in a range of colours and fabrics. You can choose different levels of fabric thickness to suit your needs. And the wide range of colours lets you express yourself freely. Better still, an optional stainless steel chain will withstand harsh UV exposure for a long time.

Panel Blinds

These innovative blinds are a unique twist to conventional vertical blinds. But what sets them apart?

Crafted from flat fabric panels, the panels feature an easy glide operation system, which means you can slide the panels horizontally to access large windows and sliding doors. The tracking system itself is quiet and easy to use. Which means you can change the mood of any room in a flash.

Panel blinds can be installed in a range of configurations. You can open them left or right. Or have a split track down the middle, which lets you open the panels on either side of the window independently of each other. Of course, you can choose from various fabrics and colours to suit your personal style and décor.

These are just some of the many types of blinds that are in style for 2020 and beyond. If you’d like to enquire about these innovative products further, contact Allcoast Blinds and Shutters today. Simply call 1300 899 306, and your friendly consultant will gladly discuss your project needs.


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